Sonntag, 10. November 2013

October Favorites 2013

Hello November - Goodybe October!

Halloween "Boo!" Shirt - It GLOWS at night!!! I suppose that says everything... ;) I got this ultimate Halloween shirt at New Yorkers for only 9,95€. It is just a plain black shirt that says "BOO!" in big letters at the front, but I think it is really funny to wear and easy to combine with other clothes.

I bought one in London and I´ve been absolutely in love with it ever since. Now that they sell the Maybeline Baby Lips here in Austria I had to stock up my collection and got them  in Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Quenched.

Nail Polish
Spring and Summer are the seasons to wear colorful, bright nail polishes. I love them so going from that to autumn/winter is actually quite a challenge. I like to go for mutual colors especially brown tones or reds.

Catrice 570 - Beavis & Mud-Head
Manhattan Lotus Effect Gloss Edition
Catrice 220 - Lost in Mud

When I went to Müllers they had a 3 for 2 offer aaaand I thought why not go and update your autumn collection? These 3 cuties were the outcome of my purchase. They are all from the Manhattan Lotus Effect collection and come in some beautiful glittery shades for autumn. The only negative thing I have to mention at this point is that they are really hard to remove as the glitter will stay on your nails for quite a long time. 
   03 Dream On            04 The Ballad of Blue            11 Golden Honey

I got so many compliments on this perfume over the last couple of months that it finally had to appear in one of my monthly favorites posts. I already had the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume and I´m now even more in love with the Enchanted Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. In order to take it with me in my handbag I bought the smaller version, but I think I´ll have to get the big bottle as well ;)

So now that the cold seasons of the year start we need loads and loads of vitamins to keep our energy and stay healthy. I prefer nuts and apples cause we simply grow them in our garden and it´s easy to get to them. But another thing I´ve just recently fallen in love with were innocent smoothies (especially Mango & Maracuja is sooo yummy!!). If you want to treat yourself with a little vitamin bomb I would highly recommend to buy one of these drinks!

Let me know in the comment section what some of your monthly favorites were!
xoxo Angy

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  1. that t-shirt is so cute :) and please can U tell me in which shop U bought babylips ? Or in which shop I can buy it ?

    1. depends where you´re from - in the UK I found them at Boots and in Austria at Müllers ;)