Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Clinique Eye Makeup Remover


WHAAAT? She´s reviewing a boring eye make-up remover?
YES!! And the answer to why I´m doing this is simple:

It is not always the make-up alone which plays an important role in the life of beauty fanatics like me. As I´ve already told you in another blog post: My most important advice when it comes to make-up is to remove it when it is not needed anymore! No matter how tired and exhausted you are - there has A L W A Y S to be some time left to clean your face and to let it breathe again.

Since I started to wear make-up, I´ve recognized that my eyes were really sensitive when I´m using the ´wrong´ product. Simple make-up remover tissues from my local drugstores always cause eruptions around my eyes. One time the effect of a remover was so bad that I almost couldn´t open one of my eyes, because it was so swollen. Then I contacted a friend of mine, who works in a pharmacy, and she recommended me some well-known brands like Avené. I went through a range of products where some removed the make-up on my eyes really nicely, but caused eruptions on my face, and others where so mild that they couldn´t remove the make-up anymore.

So when I heard the first bloggers talk about the Clinique make-up removers I thought why not give them a try? And the result is: I´m reeeeally impressed by the first product I  tried out! The Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent Cleanser and Makeup remover has a unique formula which is oil-free, sting-free and ophthalmologist tested. (this was the most important part for me and I have to say I had no problems with this product ever since I started using it (: )

The formula of the Clinique remover is runny (just like water) and therefor the product is probably best used when the liquid is applied with a large cotton pad. I tend to dip the bottle 3 times on a cotton pad and then press it gently on my eye. Without having to rub aggressively I soon had to recognize that the make-up comes off really easily. Afterwards I just tissue my face off and rinse it with water. 

The packaging of the whole Clinique line is really impressive as the remover comes in an expensive looking bottle. (it doesn´t only look expensive it also is high priced with 20,49€) Nevertheless this will definitely not be the last product from Clinique that I´ve bought!


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