Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

Robbie Williams Concert - July 2013

I´m really a baaaaad blogger. I know.^^ And I´m sorry for that. 
BUT now that it gets cold outside I spend more time indoors aaand I´ll have enough time to write blog posts and keep you up-to-date. 

This blog post belongs to July 2013 when my friend/uni room mate Tami and I had the chance to see Olly Murs and Robbie Williams live in Vienna. The open air concert was part of Mr Williams Take The Crown Tour and it was absolutely aaamaaazing! The weather was perfect and the artists were overwhelming. I´d definitely say that this was the best concert I´ve experienced in my life. (and I´ve seen a few so far e.g. Madonna, Shakira, Andreas Gabalier, ..)

If you don´t believe me try to take a look at the bits and pieces I recorded for you:

I´ve forgotten to film the best part of the concert: the grande finale! Robbie singing his megahit Angels and the breathtaking fireworks. Sorry for that, but I was busy singing along with the thousands of other fans :p

xoxo Angy

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