Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

My September London Adventure

In September this year Toni, Jules, who are 2 of my best friends from university, and I went to London for 3 days. We stayed at the Astor Quest Hostel and flew to the UK with British Airways. When it comes to our accommodation I´ve to state that I´m never going to stay in a Hostel again. EVER! We had to share our room with other people from all around the globe and for the 6 of us the room was simply to small. So next time I´ll  definitely have my own hotel room again...

Nevertheless we had really an amazing time in our favorite city <3 On our first day we went to the Harry Potter Studios in Leavesden, which is an 1,5 hour bus ride from London away.. but it was totally worth it! We drank butterbeer, went on a ride with the Knight Bus, went to Godrics Hollow and Privet Drive 4, met Buckbeek, entered the great hall and had loads of fun.. as you can tell by looking at our pictures from the day:

The following days included a visit at M&M World, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben and the London Eye, the National Gallery, Camden Market and loads and loads of shops in Regent Street and Oxford Street. I spent a decent amount of money at Boots and Debenhams (London Haul should be on my blog asap) and got a squirrel named "Frau Nagy" for my birthday at Hamleys. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe and ate at Planet Hollywood and simply had the best time of our lives on our little trip. I´m sorry that I can´t tell you everything, but that would take me hours to do so. So here you are again, left with some pictures of our London adventure:


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  1. hihi Toni & Jules ;)
    mei Angy i glab wir müssen uns jetzt mal auf der Uni auf einen Kaffee treffen und dei Shoppingausbeute nochmal bequatschen :)


  2. ooooohja müss ma unbedingt mal machen!! :DD haha da quatsch ma aber lang xD sin ja scho wieder neue sachen dazu gekommen ;p
    apropo shoppingausbeute..... von dir will ich mehr so geniale videos bitte! ;) <3