Freitag, 14. September 2012

Disneyland Paris 2012

Bonjour and hellooo again everyone :D
i´m back with more than 1500 photos of disneyland, wonderful souvenirs and a smile on my face ;)

entering disneyland is still like entering wonderland for me. magnificent and fantastic <3

you´ll soon find more pictures, a report of our journey and hopefully a video too enclosed to this post.

have a good time (:

meanwhile i´ll give you the short report of our time in disneyland:

  • standing up reeeally early
  • 4 year old Leonys first flight
  • flying from Vienna to Paris CDG
  • getting picked up by ezyshuttle
  • check-in at Sequia Lodge
  • going to the park
  • walking down mainstreet
  • seeing the castle *__*
  • walking into fantasyland
  • first ride was the huge carrousel
  • lunch at annette´s diner
  • little Leony falling asleep
  • 3rd day was the only day we had rain
  • going into the new world of disney shop
  • got stucked in buzz lightyears laser blast xD
  • trying cotton candy
  • DiSNEY DREAMS fireworks
  • trying all the rides out 
  • BEST lunch at Planet Hollywood
  • some shopping
  • getting Brownies in Mainstreet USA
  • Magic On Parade at 17 o´clock:

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