Sonntag, 2. November 2014

Getting NAKED3 - Review

About a month ago I FINALLY treated myself and bought the Urban Decay NAKED3 palette from I was really lucky as I had my eyes on this babe for such a long time and when it was on sale at the beginning of autumn I just couldn´t resist and gave in to the temptation. have surprisingly good offers at times so it´s really worth waiting for products to go on sale there. (Delivery was also quick and they have quite a variety of products on their site so go and check it out!) With 40€ the Naked3 was still no bargain, but I have to say that I´d definitely spend the money again as Urban Decays´ eyeshadows are worth every single penny! And the thing is you not only get 12 amazing eyeshadows in one beautiful rose gold themed palette, but you also receive a brush and some primer examples that come with each palette. (Although I have to say that I prefer my small sized primer that came with the Naked1 a few years ago...)


As I have blue eyes, fair skin and brown hair I knew that the rose toned colors would definitely suit me and my favorites so far are Limit, Nooner and Factory; besides I also love to wear Strange in the inner corner of my eye - I did the same thing with Virgin from the Naked1 but this shade is now not so glittery anymore and I really enjoy that. Urban Decay is known for its buttery eyeshadows, which are highly pigmentet and the Naked3 won´t let you down on that promise - I swear ;) ! I didn´t do swatches of all the colors, but you can find tons of pictures on the internet if you google it. 

I can´t wait to do a FOTD for this blog using this palette! :)

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