Sonntag, 17. August 2014


Matrix - Biolage Exquisite Oil - Replenishing Oil
I have been searching for a good hair treatment that includes macadamia oil for ages! A few weeks ago my favorite hair dresser recommended the Biolage oil to me and I really have to say that I´m amazed! With 21€ the replenishing oil was not one of the cheapest products, so I was expecting great results - and I´m not disappointed! You only have to use a few drops of this oil, gently rub it into your hair before blow drying it and BOOM! - you have smooth, shining hair like some sort of celebrity that you admire in a magazine.  I´m definitely a fan of this product so far!

This face trio here consists of the BabySkin Pore Minimizer, the labello lip butter in blueberry blush and the BabyLips electro lip balm in "Strike A Rose". I just recently discovered all three of them at Müllers and I´ve never seen them in shops before. As I have considerably extended my BabyLips collection I am thinking about doing another post about all of them including swatches of all my BabyLips lip balms.  

Clinique take the day off makeup remover (for lids, lashes & lips)
This lilac bottle is the new member of my Clinique family and it´s really amazing. I usually went for the rinse-off makeup remover (the blue version) and this one is just a really nice addition, as you can use it for lips too. Tried it for the last weeks now and the only difference I notice is that it feels a bit more oily on my skin than the blue version. 

Statement Necklace
This one is the only item that is non-beauty related, but I simply had to show it to you! I bought this orange, yellow and white flower necklace at Roths (a small chain store that is very well known in south-east Austria) for 19,99€. It is available in 4 colours and you can find a picture of some of them on their Facebook Site.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Products above are mentioned, because I actually enjoy using them. All the things were purchased over the last few months with my own money!

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