Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

The Long Lost Disney Post - THAT MOMENT (Part 1)

A long long time ago I promised you a vlog from Disneyland Paris..
I rather want to keep this one as a family video, but after I went through some old pictures, I finally decided that I want to share some memories from 2012 with you... 

THAT MOMENT when not even the rain can stop you from going to the parks
THAT MOMENT when you just dance along to a happy song
THAT MOMENT when you play hide and seek inside Alice Curious Labyrinth
THAT MOMENT you find out that the Ceshire Cat is watching you
THAT MOMENT when Leony thought cotton candy was made by Auroras 3 faries

THAT MOMENT when Leony ate this much cotton candy
THAT MOMENT when you see the parade coming
THAT MOMENT when Donald became a scarf thief
THAT MOMENT when you meet "the boss" for the first time

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