Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

beauty buys january 2013

hellooo agaaiin ! (:
1st semester at university is finally over and I thought I´d do a quick blog post of my beauty buys and favs of January...

1) Nail polish: Manhatten Lotus Effect Limited Edition

I´m absolutely amazed by the color. This nail polish is available in 3 different glittery and  sparkly variations (brown, red/rose and the silver blue one which is the one I tried out).

2) Labello "Lip Butter": Lip Butter in Vanila & Macadamia and Raspberry Rose

ADDICTED. yes. I admit it: I really am addicted to the new labello lip butter. It looks like the nivea one but it´s only available in 2 flavors. They smell amazing and cost about 3€.

I also uploaded pictures of those products on instagram - find & follow me: msangynagy

enjoy your winter holidays ;D

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