Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

Beauty Buys - july 2012

1 - Garnier Roll-on - Anti Augenringe + Consealer
Tried it and it works perfect! It is even worth the price of 11€.

2 - Catrice Kohl Kajal - Love them cause they are just very long lasting and not so expensive.

3 - essence volumizing lash powder - brought tears to my eyes^^... but not because I like it so much... it just hurts if you have one eye half open while putting the white powder on your lashes. so if you want to use it: make sure to keep your eyes closed!

4 - Two Maybeline Jade products - i´ve tried both of them and i´m happy with the High Shine Lipgloss that was only 3€ ... but the Eyeshadow Color Tattoo is just... too glittery for my taste and way too expensive.

5 - essie nailpolish ! worth EVERY penny.(9€ for one) those are simply the best! 

6 - Favorite Mac Product of all time! The Mac Blush "Peaches" - quite expensive (22€) but totally worth the money. I just wanted a blush that fits with every outfit and: here it is ;)

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  1. Wow :) You're a beauty victim haha :D Just kidding ;)

    Some great beauty achievements. Are essie nailpolishs really that good? Guess I have to try out.
    I prefer Manhattan nailpolish, easy to handle, great colour, long lasting - and very cheap :)